Catski and fun package

Catski and fun package

Intermediate to advanced skiers

Who is this package for?

Skill level required

  • We ask participant to be able to ski /snowboard down regular tree runs.

  • We ask participant to be willing to challenge themselves.

  • Looking to gain confidence in their line choices

  • Upon registration, you’ll be asked to fill a form: Smaller groups will be made, so your group will match your habilities / physical shape

Catski and fun package description

All-you-can-ski/snowboard package!  2 catskiing days combined with a lift ticket at Miller Mountain, you’ll optimise your runs! One Catskiing day is at Porphyre Mountain, the other one at York Mountain. On top of it: Chic-Chac guides will be helping you to progress in your powder skiing abilities. From gaining confidence in line choices to jumping off cliffs, they’ll be there to support your progress!

You can also swap you Mount Miller day (T-bar) by a touring day, but equipment rental is not included in this package.

January 16 to 19th 2020

Teachings 20%
skiing 80%

Make my reservation online

Taxes are not included.

Online reservations only. For more info or any issues with your reservation, call directly to the Chic-Chac by phone: 1-418-784-3311. Number of participants are limited. First come first served.

Ideal for participants from last year's editions, or anyone looking to ski the best conditions available!

What the Catski and fun package includes

Inclusions at 999.99$+tx

  • 2 Catskiing days : York and Porphyre mountains

  • Meals and accomodation (3 nights, 8 meals).

  • Sponsors surprises

  • Saturday night party entrance fees

  • Guided night time ski run (with a headlamp)!

  • Access to Miller mountain all weekend (T-bar).

  • Even more surprises!

Other packages are available

Introduction to backcountry skiing (Ski touring and splitboarding)

Teachings 30%
Descentes 70%

Never been ski touring or splitboarding in the backcountry? You love skiing and snowboarding and are looking to get into enjoying it in the backcountry? This package is exactly what you’re looking for! The goal is to learn all the basic of ski touring: from security in avalanche terrain to using the right equipment the right way, at the end of White Lips, you’ll have all the info needed to plan a small day trip with your friends. Half a day is reserved for teachings, and then you’ll be taken to the mountains! Do not be mistaken by the 50-50% of learnings, you will be spending most of your time outside!

January 16 to 19th 2020.

2. Ski and fun package

Teachings 30%
Descentes 70%

This package is for either participants from previons White Lips edition or women that already know how to use their backcountry equipement (Ski touring or splitboard equipment)(splitboards, touring skis). Want to optimize runs instead of learning about backountry in general? This package will make it possible to discover new mountain peaks inthe Murdochville / Chic-Chocs area. Ideal package for all participants that want to enjoy the best the chic-chocs have to offer, in the best ambiance possible!

3. "Introduction to safety in avalanche terrain (CSA-1)" package

Teachings 35%
Skiing 65%

Presented by Avalanche Quebec, this introduction class (CSA-1) during White Lips will give you a frame for decision making in avalanche terrain. This official certification is based on the latest evidence and knowledge from around the globe. This class was developped for people with minimal knowledge and experience about avalanche rescue safety and risk management. Taking this class while you are in the Chic-Chocs will provide a great way to put to good use your new practical skills learned in class the day before. You will get to see real avalanche terrain the very next day!

January 16 to 19th 2020