White Lips 2020 Packages

White Lips - January 16 to 19th 2020

Five packages available: From out-of-bound skiing introduction to avalanche terrain management

Two standard packages

1. Introduction to backcountry skiing (Ski touring and splitboarding) 604.99$+tx

Introduction - Teachings 30%
Skiing 70%

You never been backcountry skiing or splitboarding? You love skiing or snowboarding and wish you knew how to got out-of-bound safely? This package is exactly what you are looking for! You will learn how to prepare for a day trip and how to set your backpack. You will also learn how to use either ski touring or splitboarding equipement. Also, this package includes the basics to the risk inherent to skiing in avalanche terrain. Do not be mistaken by 70% of skiing, you will be outside and on the mountain for most of your stay !

January 16th to 19th 2020

2. Ski and fun: Intermediate to advanced 604.99$+tx

Teachings 20%
Skiing 80%

This package is for either participants from previons White Lips edition or women that already know how to use their backcountry equipement (Ski touring or splitboard equipment). If you prefer to optimise your skiing time instead of learning more about safety and decision making in avalanche terrain, this package is for your! You will be guided through the best places the Chic-Chocs have to offer over the course of 3 days. On top of it, you will benefit from the White Lips ambiance and party during your stay! 

January 16th to 19th 2020.

Two packages including theoretical classes for intermediate to advanced backcountry skiers.

3. Introduction to security in avalanche terrain (CSA-1) 829.99$+tx

Volet théorique 35%
Volet Pratique 65%

Presented by Avalanche Quebec, this introduction to safety in avalanche terrain during White Lips with give your some guidelines to help your decision making. These guidelines come from the latest facts and knowledge from the industry. This class has been especially developed to answer the needs of people with very basic experience in backcountry. Taking this class while your are in the Chic-Chocs makes it even more relevant since you will be applying your new knowledge the very next day!

January 16th to 19th 2020

4. Decision making and management in avalanche terrain 799.99+tx

*CSA-1 is required
Teachings 20%
skiing 80%

This decision making and management in avalanche terrain class is a newly developed class by Avalanche Quebec in 2016. It targets participants who already have a CSA-1 certification and want to learn more about how to travel and move trough avalanche terrain. This class in an “in-between” CSA-1 and 2.

January 16th to 19th 2020

Catski included package

5. Catski and fun package

Apprentissages 20%
Descentes 80%

Ski and snowboard all-you-can-eat! 2 days Catskiing + 1 lift ticket at Mont Miller (T-Bar). Catskiing will be on mount Porphyre and York mountain. maximum runs during your stay. On top of it, The Chic-Chac guides will provide guidance: Basics of powder skiing to jumping cliffs, you will be able to push your limits, whatever your skill level is.

Do you have all that you need? Upgrades are available!

Rental equipment is included during White Lips when you upgrade your package. Inventory is limited.

The rental equipment includes what’s necessary to go backcountry skiing. Our inventory as many different types of equipements. Some equipments need your own ski boots, while splitboards always need your own boots. Either way, make sure you bring all your equipment, even if you rented one with us.

The rental package includes an avalanche beacon, a probe and a shovel, when needed during White Lips.

Add a catskiing day to your package if you want to make sure you get enough turns for you bucks! Obviously, backcountry skiing has a lot to offer, but runs are limited to what your legs can climb during a day. Catskiing is the best way to make sure you get to enjoy the Chic-Chocs dry powder!

*Deal alert: the rental equipment package is included when you upgrade your package with a catskiing day !

*Catskiing usually retails at 450$ per day.

The best place to introduce yourself to the risk of avalanche terrain skiing.

Rental equipment package at 74.99$+tx

*Deal alert: the rental equipment package is included for your whole stay when you upgrade your package with a catskiing day !

White Lips 2020 sponsors

Online reservations only. For more info or any issues with your reservation, call directly to the Chic-Chac by phone: 1-418-784-3311. Number of participants are limited. First come first served.

Terms and conditions of booking

Reservation, modification or cancellation policy

–     For all cancellations made 7 days before the holding of your stay, an amount of 10% of the total amount of the reservation will be retained for management fees.

–     All cancellations made within 48 hours of the holding of your stay, an amount of 50% of the total amount of the reservation will be retained for management fees.

Chic-Chac policy (Motorized  and mechanical rides supplier for White Lips. In charge of mountain safety)

The Chic-Chac has the right to cancel a ski day when the danger risk is too high (bad weather, mechanic breakdown) and no matter the remaining time before the activity. All cancelled or modified activities by the Chic-Chac could be resumed before the end of the season depending on availability.

The Chic-Chac has the right to remove a client from a ski day if the guide judges he doesn’t have the ski level requested for the activity. A client showing a lack of ability will have a refund of two third of the total amount paid for the ski activity only.

The Chic-Chac has the right to remove from the activity, a client who doesn’t follow the security rules at any time of the day and without any refund.

Dont hold for too long, the number of participants is limited!