GTA: Avalanche terrain management


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1 hour class only: Your knowledge is directly applied to on-mountain decisions.

Taking this class while you are in the Chic-Chocs will provide a great way to put to good use your new practical skills learned in class the day before. You will get to see real avalanche terrain the very next day, all in a safe environnement. Accompanied by a professionnal from Avalanche Quebec, you will get to experience your new knowledge in real avalanche terrain. Obviously, you’ll be skiing safe zones. Presented by Avalanche Quebec, this introduction class (CSA-1) during White Lips will give you a frame for decision making in avalanche terrain. Obviously, you’ll be skiing safe zones.

The class was created for those who want a deeper understanding of the skills you need to plan your trips in avalanche terrain. One after the other, you’ll have to lead your group, based on the information that will be given to you. Think of it as a practice with a professionnal helping you to make the best decision possible.

This class is perfect for participants who already have a CSA-1 certification, and are looking into upgrading their decision making skills in avalanche terrain.

January 16 to 19th 2020